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  • Grass-Fed Whey: Pure & natural Antibiotic-free grass fed whey protein made from the milk of grass-fed cows, sourced from Wisconsin and South Dakota in the U.S.
  • Clean and Lean Protein: Ideal for the regular gym enthusiasts, cross fit, pilates & yoga practitioners, runners and working moms. Comes in convenient single serve sachets. A sachet a day for regular exercise and every alternate day if you have a light exercise regimen.
  • Protein, Turmeric, Green Tea: One of the most potent combinations for building core health, fitness & immunity. Contains a blend of five enzymes for easy digestion & fast absorption. Imported ingredients, blended and packed at an ISO & GMP certified facility. To ensure authenticity and genuine products, every box comes with a unique code inside and can be verified at the foodstrong website
  • High Protein, Low Fat, No Nasties: Each sachet (33g) gives you 24g protein, 6.4g BCAAs, zero added sugar, just 1.3g fat and 4.8g of carbs. No soy, No gluten, No GMO, No added sugars, No preservatives, Antibiotic free, No trans fat. See an improvement in your skin, nails and hair health with regular consumption of our Daily Protein
  • Delicious: Cold coffee flavour that makes from great shakes and smoothies. Just add chilled milk or water (200 ml) for every sachet; Quantity: 529 Gm (16 sachets); Package Content: 1 Daily protein cold coffee



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